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    32 Food Facts That Will Impress All Your Friends

    Don't believe me? Go ahead, LOOK IT UP.

    1. A tomato is technically an unripe banana.

    2. You can tell if steak is grass-fed because it glows in the dark.

    3. The Latin name for grapes is Teeny Sweetums.

    4. In the U.K., berries are known as "ovary pops."

    5. The nickname "pigs in a blanket" gained popularity after the creator's suggested name, "dongs in a dough shaft," failed to catch on.

    6. Brown lentils can hit a high E.

    7. Kohlrabi was originally bred as a prank by drunk farmers.

    8. Coffee beans had the idea for the selfie stick years ago but couldn't get past the patent paperwork.

    9. Grilled cheese killed Laura Palmer.

    10. If you look at a strawberry seed under a microscope, you'll see it's a small portal to another world where humans evolved from strawberries, and you'll have to defeat its evil king in order to keep him from infiltrating our dimension.

    11. Babka's favorite movie is The Birdcage.

    12. Barbecue sauce was originally cast as Detective Marty Hart in True Detective but bowed out due to family obligations.

    13. You can eat oysters only in months that contain the letter R because oysters get very self-conscious about their bodies in the summer and avoid the beach.

    14. The nasty juice inside an oyster is called "liquor." Shake with gin and garnish with a pearl for the classic cocktail "Mermaid's labia."

    15. Garlic was on Twitter for a while but is just like, over it, you know?

    16. The only way to successfully poach an egg is by the light of a full moon, in a simmering bath of eel's blood aside the eye of a maiden's horse. Add vinegar to help it keep its shape.

    17. Lettuce is kept in the crisper drawer because Milk is a real mean girl.

    18. Butter prefers to omit the Oxford comma.

    19. The first time anyone made a kale chip was in Holland in 1359. They were thoroughly disappointed.

    20. Lobster used to be known as the "poor man's food" because, until the New Deal, homeless people were forced to live underwater.

    21. Ducks hate olives. Just hate 'em.

    22. In the famous armadillo cake scene in Steel Magnolias, the guests don't cut into a red velvet cake made to look like an armadillo, but rather an actual roadkill armadillo coated with cream cheese frosting.

    23. Burrito is Spanish for "little donkey." Donkey is English for "intestinal discomfort."

    24. Asparagus just doesn't get the whole tiny house trend.

    25. Peas and carrots are traditionally paired together because they are the only two vegetables that claim to have been abducted by aliens.

    26. Pomegranates are not, in fact, edible. That's just what Big Pomegranate wants you to believe.

    27. The Swiss actively carve holes out of their cheese, hoarding the extra in caves below Zurich, to keep demand high.

    28. No one has ever successfully peeled an orange.

    29. It's an urban legend that swallowing watermelon seeds means they'll grow in your stomach. They actually sprout in the lower intestine.

    30. All spaghetti is cut from the "Master Noodle," which as of publication remains 59,234,203 miles long.

    31. The ancient Aztecs used to put peas in guacamole.

    32. Cherries have pits just to spite you.