The 20 Worst Things About Working In Retail During The Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year……NOT

1. Everything about Black Friday.

Crowds, door busters, and stampedes. This day brings out the absolute worst in human race.

2. Dealing with store brawls.

4. Question humanity because of how bad customers treat you.

5. Working on Christmas Eve.

6. And thar one person who shows up right as you’re closing on Christmas Eve.

And then stay 30 minutes after closing.

7. Overly enthusiastic customers.

8. No days off from November until December

9. Having absolutely no free time for two months.

All errands and Christmas shopping has to be done in early November.

10. Getting time and a half just isn’t worth it.

60 hours the week before Christmas? DAMN!!!

11. You don’t know what to say when somone asks you “How’s work going?”

12. Trying to stay in the holiday spirit no matter what.

13. Creepy mall Santas

Don’t let your kid sit on his lap.

14. You are sick and tired of hearing Christmas music.

From November until the end of December you’ve hear Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas.”

15. Dealing with kids.

Or Batman.

16. Shifts exceeding 8 hours.

17. Having to do hundreds of returns on December 26th.

No receipts and the tags are gone.

18. Sleep being in very short supply.

19. Working in the gift wrapping department.

Especially if gift wrapping is free.

20. Only people who work retail will know what the holidyas are really like.

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