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    27 Reasons ABC's TGIF Was The Best Programming On TV

    Friday nights are not what they use to be.

    1. It gave us Steve Urkel, the original hipster.

    2. It delivered to us the quintessential '90s girl's movie on the small screen.

    ABC / Via

    "She is literally the Polaroid of perfection."

    3. It showed us that the Tanner's were an awesome extended family.

    ABC / Via

    (Well, Jesse and Joey technically weren't Tanners but you get it.)

    4. As were the Fosters and Lamberts.


    5. Its lineup contained one of the best coming of age shows ever.

    6. Sabrina proved that not all witches were old, ugly, and evil.

    7. But they stilled lacked rhythm.

    8. It also introduced the perpetually hungry, creepy, talking enchanted cat.

    9. Did we mention he liked food?

    ABC / Via

    "He really let himself go."

    10. It proved that not all dinosaurs were ferocious like in Jurassic Park.

    ABC / Via

    Where else were you going to find a talking dinosaur baby?

    11. It blessed us with iconic phrases...

    ABC / Via

    12. awesome band...

    ABC / Via

    13. ...and one very memorable dance.

    View this video on YouTube

    ABC / Via

    The Urkel

    14. It featured the Olsen twins at the peak of their cuteness.

    15. It let us know that young love could be very intense.

    ABC / Via

    Cory and Topanga: the ultimate power couple.

    16. It had a set of funny uncles...

    17. ...sassy twins...

    18. ...and a few neighbors and friends who never knocked.

    ABC / Via

    There was Urkel.

    ABC / Via



    and Kimmy.

    19. Did I mention twins?

    20. It gave us dreamy Uncle Jesse.

    ABC / Via

    21. The coolest uncle ever.

    22. Along with Stephanie. The girl perfectly fit the stereotype of a middle child.

    23. And older sister D.J., who always told the truth.

    24. Not to mention the best fictional morning anchor of all time.

    ABC / Via

    Wake Up San Francisco!

    25. Finally it gave us the greatest TV bromance of all.

    26. We were graced with one wise principal but who always gave the best advice.

    ABC / Via

    Mr. Feeney!

    27. What bettter way to start your weekend?

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