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    29 Things You Learn At Your First Real Job

    Cubicles, coffee, and scheduled breaks. It's just like The Office only better!

    1. Coffee is your best friend.

    2. Well actually more like your addiction....

    3. Showering at night will allow you to wake up a little later in the morning.

    4. A personalized work space is a must.

    5. Adderall is just as useful after college.

    6. Food at the office is personal property. Don't steal or snack on what's not yours.

    7. One hour for lunch really isn't a lot of time.

    8. Weekends are very valuable.

    9. Breakfast is optional.

    10. Work bathrooms have different rules than the rest of the world.

    11. Bosses can actually be cool.

    12. You will be staring at a computer screen more than any other point in your life.

    13. Headphones are considered a work necessity.

    14. Boredom at the job is a very real thing.

    15. The NSFW (Not Safe For Work) tag can spare you a lot of embarrassment.

    16. You'll wish you had the power to control traffic.

    17. Meetings can be real hit or miss.

    18. Happy hour with co-workers is a bonding activity.

    19. Showing up hungover is a huge mistake.

    20. The break room is the best place in the office.

    21. Where else in the world will you still find free food?

    22. The 2:30 feeling is a real thing.

    23. You'll finally be making money...

    24. But you'll still be broke.

    25. Work dress codes will throw you off.

    26. Casual Fridays are awesome!!!

    27. You can finally wear something that expresses who you are.

    28. You will romanticize college.

    29. Hopefully you love your job, but even if you don't you'll get invaluable introduction into the world of work.