26 Reasons The NBA In The ’90s Was Awesome

Short shorts, pumped up kicks, and dream teams. This truly was the Golden Era of Basketball.

3. And the pants were prints.

4. The world’s greatest basketball movie was released.

Warner Bros. / Via ilovefreeconcerts.com

5. And the Tune Squad beat the MonStars in the most thrilling game ever played.

Warner Bros. / Via smokingsection.uproxx.com

6. Pumped-up kicks were an actual thing.

7. Dennis Rodman was the Bad Boy of the league.

8. And not a de-facto diplomat for North Korea.

9. J’s (Jordan’s) weren’t vintage yet.

10. Two words: Dream Team.

12. AND a movie star.

Beuna Vista Pictures / Via bronames.tumblr.com

Still not sure why he wasn’t nominated for an Oscar.

14. NBA Jam (AKA the greatest game ever) was released.

Yes, that is Bill Clinton. Engaging in a full court dunk. While the ball is on fire.

15. Cards were great collector’s items.

16. Rivalries were intense.

17. Players promoted porn.

Context is needed here.

18. The Bulls won everything.

Six championships in the ’90s, including two 3-peats.

19. Charles Barkley saved the city from Godzilla in a game of one-on-one.

20. Everything was in teal.

21. Ray Allen was still Jesus Shuttlesworth.

22. Micheal Jordan ruled the league.

Nike / Via rapgenius.com

Those six titles? Yeah, those were all Jordan and “DA BULLS”.

23. Hairstyles were unique.

24. Because this will never happen again.

25. Even Nirvana knew.

NBC / Via gifrific.com

26. And most importantly because Michael Jordan said this:

ESPN / Via funnyjunk.com

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