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27 Dating Problems Awkward People Will Totally Understand

Dating is hard.

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1. You've always been extremely nervous around the opposite sex.

2. And have no clue about how to appear seductive.

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3. You completely miss the mark when it comes to flirting.

4. You're thrown off when someone is obviously asking you out.

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5. You debate in your head on whether to give a stranger your number.

6. If you do give out your number, you immediately deactivate all your social media profiles so that the person you're interested in can't cyber stalk you.

7. Because let's face it — you get a little ahead of yourself at times.


8. You fear accidentally scheduling a date around your birthday or a holiday.

9. You get super nervous about all the possible scenarios before the scheduled rendezvous.

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10. You long for the days when it was this easy.

11. Because you know that your idea of a love life may be a little different than everyone else's.

12. You also can't help it that when you try to be sexy you actually achieve the opposite.

13. Your online dating profile needs a little work.

14. Once you're on the date it's difficult for you to make small talk.

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15. You're terrified you might potentially offend them with an opinion or rant.


"I can't stand vegans! Oh, you've been a vegan for 10 years?"

16. You pray that while out you won't have to show off your less than stellar dance moves.

17. You're paranoid that you'll reveal that you know a little too much about your date.

18. You have no idea who should pay for what.

19. When the date's over deciding on how to say goodbye is a struggle for you.

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20. You could go for the awkward handshake...

21. ...the weird hug...

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22. ...or the eyes wide open kiss.

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23. Then again you might not know how to respond if they decide to go in for the kill.

24. If something does happen you never how to act the morning after you hook up.

25. You are mortified at the thought or meeting their friends or family down the line.

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26. Ultimately you are terrified of rejection.

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27. You may feel that there is no hope.

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Then frustration takes over.

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It's difficult to find the right person.

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But no matter how awkward you are...

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...just remember that there's someone out there for everybody.

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