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    29 Signs You Went To University Of Texas At San Antonio


    1. You will never forget the first football game

    2. Seeing one of these makes you feel really really old

    3. AirRowdy never worked when you needed it the most

    4. President Romo's participation in the Harlem Shake gave you an incredible sense of pride

    5. UTSA Confessions was the greastest thing ever! Then it got old after a few weeks

    6. Finding a Coca-Cola on campus was next to impossible

    7. You've had your share of all nighters at the Club JPL

    8. Which was coincidently one of the loudest places on campus

    9. You had an opinion on Atheist Agenda

    10. One day you hoped to see the Sombrilla fountain working again

    11. and the lazy river

    12. You were dead serious about intramurals

    13. At least half of your classmates were from Houston (Probably not actual Houston, but a suburb)

    14. Aspen Heights had high rents, excessive towing, and cops everywhere. Yet it had a crime rate that rivaled the city of Compton

    15. Wilson's class made you loathe ParScores

    16. It made you feel ancient when underclassmen called the HSS the McKinney Humanities Building

    17. Stairs were everywhere

    18. Parking became an acquired skill, "Come here park far"

    19. and you've taken the wrong shuttle at least once

    20. Marichis played at your graduation

    21. The statues on campus always confused you

    22. Outpost was ok to visit, but you wouldn't want to live there

    23. Even before you were offcially 21 you spent every Thursday night at Cantina, bribed the bouncers at one point, and were very sad to see it go

    24. You regretted living at University Oaks (or Chisolm Hall)

    25. You had a love/hate relationship with the YOUUUU-TEEEE-S-A chant

    26. You hated CAP students

    27. but you hated Texas State even more

    28. because you had an incredible amount of school pride

    29. and you will carry that pride with for the rest of your life. Once a runner always a runner!!!