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25 Reasons The San Francisco 49ers Are The Best NFL Franchise Ever

The gold standard of football!

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2. Their rivalry with the Seahawks is one of the fiercest in football.

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These two teams absolutely despise each other. As divisional rivals they play at at least twice a year. The games and antics of the two opposing fan bases is quickly becoming the stuff of legend.

4. They had Joe Montana, who many consider to be the greatest quarterback of all time.

George Rose / Getty Images

4x Super Bowl Champion

3x Superbowl MVP


8x Pro Bowl selections

Pro Football Hall Of Famer


Yes, he has a very impressive resume.

6. They currently have Colin Kaepernick, one of the most dynamic young quarterbacks in football.


He has been to the Super Bowl and has led his team to consecutive NFC championship games.

8. They produced Jerry Rice. The greatest receiver of all time!

George Rose / Getty Images

Most career Receiving Yards- 22,895

Most career Receptions- 1,549

Most career Touchdown Receptions- 197

3x Super Bowl Champion

13 Pro Bowl Selections

Pro Football Hall of Famer


9. Together they formed one of the most dynamic duos in football history.

Rick Stewart/Stringer / Getty Images

Many of those stats and accolades were achieved together as teammates.

11. They had one of the greatest coaches of all time in Bill Walsh.

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He coached the 49ers to three Super Bowl victories and changed the NFL with his innovative West Coast Offense.

12. Current coach Jim Harbaugh already has a proven record of success.

Al Messerschmidt / Getty Images

Three NFC Championship appearances and one Super Bowl appearance in his first three years.

13. Their home stadium Candlestick Park is one of the best venues in football.

Gateman1997 / / Creative Commons

It was the host of many great games and the final Beatles concert. It just saw its last year of action as the team will be moving to a new venue in 2014.

16. The franchise has produced the most famous catches in NFL history.


“The Catch” Joe Montana to Dwight Clark in the 1982 NFC Championship game against Dallas. It has now become iconic.

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