24 Signs You Prefer Comfort Over Style

Who says you can’t wear sweatpants everyday?

1. You can’t walk in heels to save your life.

2. Or any kind of platform shoes for that matter.

3. Your interpretation of the company dress code becomes looser as time goes on.

Comedy Central / Via Banorama

4. You wish Pinterest was real life.

5. Before going out you always ask about the dress code.

6. You never know what to wear to different functions.

7. You feel strongly that a t-shirt is appropriate for any situation.

8. You rock sweatpants…everyday.

9. Your friends probably give you heat for it.

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10. Even some pets dress better then you.

But that’s ok.

11. Pajama pants are a staple of your wardrobe.

12. You might have even worn pajamas in public.

13. Most of the time, though, you prefer no pants at all.

14. You have an inordinate number of strange flip flops.

How many lorax had to be slaughtered to make these?

15. Seriously, your flip flops come in many styles.

16. You prefer to dress like you’re working from home.

17. Your formal wear may be a little bit dated.

18. So a tuxedo shirt is your go-to formal outfit.

19. It’s impossible for you to find socks that match.

This problem is universal.

20. You have developed your own hacks to look more polished.

21. You still prefer to wear Nike shorts even after college.


22. Even though people may have their opinions…

23. …It’s ok. You’re content the way you are.

24. You’ll take comfort over style any day.

She has appeared to have mastered both.

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