23 Surefire Ways To Piss Off A Server

The job is a lot more difficult than you think.

1. Splitting the bill 17 ways with 5 mixed matched methods of payment.

Yes, the process is streamlined with a POS system, but it’s easier to let them know before hand.

2. Complaining or wanting a refund after finishing the entire meal.

3. Talking on the phone while the server is trying to take your order.

“Just go ahead and text the order when you’re ready.”

4. Asking for copious amounts of complementary items.

Seven baskets of bread sticks is enough.

5. Tipping in coins.

How is it possible to carry around that many coins anyway? Unless they’re euros or pounds of course.

6. Snapping or whistling to get attention.

Servers are people not pets, get their attention accordingly.

7. Shaking a glass in the air to get a refill.

NBC / Via thefw.com

It’s just not very nice.

8. Asking for something you know the restaurant can’t serve.

Fox / Via glee.wikia.com

“No we don’t have sushi. This is an Italian restaurant.”

9. Leaving literature, any kind of literature.

It is hard to pay the bills with good advice and sound intentions.

10. Actually leaving anything other them cash.

11. Showing up a minute before closing time.

Technically you can do this, but you won’t be anyone’s favorite customer.

12. Walking in and sitting down, ignoring the hostess/host.

13. Name dropping an owner or manager.

Owners and managers actually have many friends.

14. Staying well after closing time.

NBC / Via imgur.com

15. Asking if lunch is still being served at 7pm.

Columbia Pictures / Via gihpy.com

16. Switching tables multiple times.

Fox / Via reddit.com

17. Letting your kids make a huge mess.

It may be funny and charming at home, but it’s such a huge effort to clean up at a restaurant.

18. Arriving an hour before the rest of your huge party gets there.

Paramount Pictures / Via thefrisky.com

When you take up a bunch of tables alone it inhibits the ability of a server to make money.

19. Slipping your number.

They are getting paid to be courteous and attentive, don’t make it awkward.

20. Trying to haggle the price of menu items.


21. Coming up to a server and asking them a question or verbally demanding his or her attention while they’re mid-sentence at another table.

Kind of rude to all parties present.

22. Freaking out at the server when your credit card gets declined.

If they run it six times and punch it in manually the issue is probably not the server, but the card itself.

23. Expecting the server to be a nutritionist, dietician, food expert, farmer (are these tomatoes local?), counselor, servant, janitor, babysitter, beer/wine/liquor expert, entertainer, scapegoat, and psychic.

It’s a very demanding job. A little understanding goes a long way.

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