24 Problems People With Dry Skin Know To Be True

Cracked, chapped, and dry. People with oily skin aren’t the only ones with issues.

1. Moisturizing lotion is your everything.

FX / Via thecent.com

2. You have a wide assortment of it.

Bravo / Via uproxx.co

3. And are very familiar with its use.

Orion Pictures / Via keymashblog.com

4. Your lips are constantly chapped.

5. And you can’t help but lick them.

Nickelodeon / Via pleated-jeans.com

Which, of course makes it worse.

6. Actually you can’t live without chapstick.

Fox / Via hercampus.com

7. You have so many tubes of chapstick it can be considered an addiction.

8. You loathe winter weather…

9. …because with winter comes ashy skin.

Comedy Central / Via media.giphy.com

10. Oh, and elbows are the worse.

11. Itchiness is also a constant issue.

Scratch it!

Comedy Central / Via giphy.com

12. The fight against dandruff is never ending.

Disney / Via gifbay.com

13. And you question your methods.

14. You hate the word “blotchy.”

15. You hate when somone notices how dry your skin is.

Comedy Central / Via uproxx.com

16. And exfoliating is something you simply have to do.

So say the Daleks!

17. Your face always seems so tight after you wash it.

18. Your legs look and feel like a drought stricken desert after shaving them.

19. You know any product with rubbing alcohol is the enemy.

It dries out your skin even more.

20. Acne has always been an issue.

21. And probably always will be.

22. Even though your dry skin is in abundance…

23. …you’ve learned to deal.

24. Like your oily skinned counterparts you know the struggle is real.

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