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    22 Foods The South Does Better Than Anywhere Else

    Fried chicken from a chain? No, just no.

    1. Crawfish / Via

    Plates and silverware not required.

    2. Chicken and Dumplings / Via

    Cooking the dumplings(dough) in the broth makes all the difference.

    3. Pecan Pie / Via

    Karo syrup makes this one of the sweestest desserts ever.

    4. Corn Bread / Via

    Starting a hearty meal with this is a must.

    5. Fried Chicken / Via

    If you never had fried chicken in the South you haven't had real fried chicken.

    6. Biscuits and Gravy


    The South didn't invent biscuits or gravy, but pairing them together = perfection.

    7. Gumbo / Via

    Whether it's chicken and sausage or seafood no dish is more closely associated with Louisiana.

    8. Fried Okra

    Deep fried or pan fried, one of the best side entrees you can have.

    9. Catfish and Hush Puppies / Via

    Like peanut butter and jelly you will rarely find one without the other.

    10. Fruit Coobler / Via

    Topped with ice cream and served hot. You will be hard pressed to find a better dessert.

    11. Muffuletta / Via

    This Italian inspired New Orleans sandwich is the perfect marriage of cultural and regional flavors.

    12. Red Beans and Rice / Via

    Beans and rice, oh so nice!!!

    13. Grits / Via

    Don't even think about using instant grits!

    14. Brunswick Stew / Via

    Squirrel and rabbit are your meat choices.

    15. Tabasco

    The king of hot sauce.

    16. BBQ / Via

    From North Carolina all the way down to Texas the South is the only place BBQ is done right.

    17. Sweet Tea / Via

    You had me at Sweet Tea.

    18. Chicken Fried Steak / Via

    This dish deserves its own national holiday.

    19. Chicken and Waffles / Via

    Can we get paid in chicken and waffles? Now a potato chip flavor.

    20. Jambalaya / Via

    So much fun to say, and even better to eat.

    21. Bread Pudding / Via

    Seconds, anyone?

    22. Fried Green Tomatoes / Via

    A great side, movie, and book.