21 Things That Would Be Cool About Being A Girl

We wouldn’t mind having someone buy us drinks

1. Cleaner bathrooms

In a mens restroom you don’t want to touch anything

2. Not having to pay for drinks

Wouldn’t it be nice

3. Smiling your way out of a ticket

Men have never gotten out of tickets this way

4. or crying

Best cry ever

5. Women and children first

Sometimes going last means imminent death

6. Marrying rich

I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger

7. Always choosing the movie

We are tired of romantic comedies and Disney movies

8. Cutting in line without consequnces

Repercussions are on the way

9. Go day wihout showering and not look,feel, or smell digusting

10. Sweating a lot less

This is definitely a problem during summer

11. Using PMS as an excuse for bad behvior

Once we would like to use this as an excuse

12. Always winning arguments

Seriously women always win

13. Being better liars

We seriously suck at it

14. Not having to sleep on the couch when we lose an argument

Couch sleep makes for a bad morning and rough day

15. Having actual food in the fridge

Not just spoiled leftovers and condiments

16. Not necessarily having to worry about losing our hair

Going bald in your 20’s is not fun

17. Less body hair

Manscaping is tough

18. Maturing quicker

Sometimes we never grow up

19. Having taxis actually stop for you

Trying getting a cab in New York rocking a baseball jersey and full beard

20. Not being expected to pay for dinner

Ok, we’re not cheap but their is a double standard

21. Using your sexuality to get whatever you want

It doesn’t work both ways

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