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21 Signs Your Cat Is Actually Your Child

Cats are kids too.

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1. You've been in love with them since birth.

2. And even pushed them around in a stroller.

3. You love dressing them in baby clothes.

4. And you always make sure their safety is a priority.


5. You include them in your Christmas card photos.

6. You've struggled with potty training.


7. You can't stay mad at them long with they give you the cute/sad look.

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8. You celebrate all their birthdays.

9. And buy them presents for all holidays.

10. You even dress them up for Halloween.

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11. Your social media accounts are full of pet pics.

12. You love to cuddle with them.


13. And have even gotten them a snuggly teddy.


14. You encourage them to learn.

15. And support whatever activities they're in to.

16. You can't help but to beam with pride at their accomplishments.

17. Of course you take them on family vacations.

18. There is even a little bit of a family resemblance.

19. No doubt your love for them is intense.

20. And you get accused of spoiling them.

21. But no matter what people say they are your children and will always be part of the family.

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