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    21 Problems Only Extremely Messy People Will Understand

    "My place is a mess, don't judge." Not everyone is super neat.

    1. Your interpretation of "messy" is a little bit different than most peoples'.

    2. Never being able to find any socks that actually match.

    3. Being unable to find stuff in your house in general.

    4. Having a hard time getting any work done because your desk has a little clutter.

    5. Staining a shirt whenever you eat spaghetti.

    6. Constantly drowning in dirty dishes.

    7. And you will only do them after you've used the last clean fork.

    8. Not being able to tell which clothes are clean because they are all in the same pile.

    9. Not being able to see the logic in making a bed.

    10. Judging the half life of the spoiled food in your fridge that you never clean.

    11. Saying that you're "still unpacking" as an excuse for the way your place looks.

    12. Being embarrassed to have guests use your bathroom because it's disgusting.

    13. Not being able to understand your friends who are neat freaks.

    14. Having to press down the garbage in the trash can to make room for more garbage.

    15. Knowing your car is only a one seater because you never clean it.

    16. Not being able to tell where that horrible smell in your place is coming from.

    17. Constantly misplacing your remote because of all the mess.

    18. Being looked at as a hoarder.

    19. Having to call your cell to find it in your house.

    20. People may criticize you for being messy, but don't worry.

    21. There's others like you.