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    21 Lessons "A Christmas Story" Taught Us

    You'll shoot your eye out!!!

    1. Adults do not approve of BB guns as Christmas presents.

    2. Neither does Santa .

    3. Backing down from a triple dog dare is unheard of.

    4. But lick a freezing pole and your tongue will get stuck to it.

    5. For a really long time.

    6. You can be cute as a kid and as an adult.

    7. Even if you're a bully.

    8. December is a cold month so dress appropriately.

    9. Radio commercials suck.

    10. The best way to stop a bully is to stand up to them.

    11. A leg lamp is the ultimate trophy.

    12. And great "hands on" furniture.

    13. Cursing in front of your parents can have serious consequences.

    14. Seriously

    15. Washing your mouth with soap can cause blindness.

    16. Hand made presents from your Aunt Clara are the best!!!

    17. Well maybe not.

    18. But it can inspire amazing sweaters.

    19. Messing up lyrics to Christmas songs can be hilarious.

    20. Sometimes other people are right.

    21. For the last time you're probably not going to get a Red Ryder BB gun.