21 Crimes Most Of Us Are Guilty Of Committing During Winter

Is it Spring yet?

1. Using dry shampoo because it’s to cold out to leave the house with wet hair.

2. Getting unwillingly confined to your bed.

Lucas Films / Via quickememe.com

3. Then using the weather as an excuse to do nothing all day.

4. Putting off shaving your legs because they are not seeing the light of day for a very long time.

Fox / Via yippywhippy.com

They are actually hibernating.

5. Letting the provisions in your house get dangerously low because you don’t want to brave the elements to get groceries.

6. Making impromptu snow art on other people’s cars.

7. Doing this to your significant other on purpose.

Touching them with your cold, dead, frozen feet.

8. Letting yourself go just a little because it’s too chilly to go work out.

Fox / Via giphy.com

The extra layers provide warmth.

9. Getting into at least one fender bender because of icy roads.

“I swear those steps popped out of nowhere.”

10. Seeing if your tongue will really stick to a frozen pole.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via bustle.com

It will! Don’t try it!

11. Holding it, in fear of facing a chilled toilet seat.

12. Using the weather as an excuse to fuel your Netflix addiction.

13. Loathing that ineviable bath or shower.

Disney / Via disneygifs.com

Cold water is the worst.

14. Acting as a social media meteorologist.

15. Making inappropriate snowmen.

16. Dressing your pets in warm clothing even though they probably never go outdoors.

A kitten mitten.

17. Justifying not doing laundry or wearing soiled clothing because “It’s cold so you’re not sweating anyway.”

Fox / Via 4shared.com

As long as they pass the smell test they’re good.

18. Faking an illness and calling in sick because you can’t possibly face another Polar Vortex.

Paramount Pictures / Via goodwithpens.tumblr.com -

It’s okay — you can use winter as an excuse to tackle that long overdue to-do list.

Nickelodeon / Via imgur.com

Stay warm!

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