20 Questions Texans Are Tired Of Hearing

Y’all: stop. Just stop.

1. “So is everyone from Texas a cowboy?”

Texas has many types of people cowboys included.

2. “Do all the women have big hair?”

We welcome all styles.

3. “Do you ride a horse everywhere?”

Only if the place has a drive thru.

4. “Is high school football really big there?”

Not so much as a religion, but more of a way of life.

5. “Don’t all the trucks have gun racks?”

To be fair regular vehicles have them as well.

6. “How can you stand the heat?”

We have found ways to cope.

7. “Is some people there a little slow?”

No, but that question certainly is ignorant.

8. “Is country the only music you listen to?”

We also listen to every other genre of music ass well. Ever heard of ZZ TOP?

9. Does it ever rain there?

Well, only during major music festivals.

10. “Is Dallas really like the TV show Dallas?”

If your last name is Ewing and your an oil baron then yes.

11. “Can you speak clearly? I can’t understand your accent.”

No, it’s just the way we talk.

12. “Isn’t everyone packing there?”

Many of us do like our guns.

14. “Do you have a winter season there?”

A Texan version of winter.

15. “So is the BBQ there really that good?”

You’ll know once you try it.

16. “Have you ever seen an episode of Friday Night Lights?”

Is the sky blue?

17. “Is ‘y’all’ a real word?”

Is “yous guys” a real phrase?

18. “Is everything really bigger in Texas?”

19. Are there cattle everywhere?

Almost everywhere.

20. “Do you really think it’s the best state?”

Chuck seems to think so.

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