20 Life Lessons From “Modern Family’s” Gloria Pritchett

This grandma/vixen has it all figured out.

1. How to deal with neighborhood vandals.

ABC / Via tumblr.com

2. On how to make a marriage last.

ABC / Via tumblr.com

3. Proper table etiquette.

ABC / Via tumblr.com

Answering a fake cell phone it totally acceptable.

4. How to handle an argument with your ex.

ABC / Via tumblr.com

5. Topics not covered in Drivers Ed.

ABC / Via citytv.com

6. On where to find love.

7. How to deal with household pests.

ABC/Citytv / Via fanforum.com

8. On respecting bad omens.

A house burning down is bad luck in any country.

9. What to do when someone unfollows you.

10. How to get along with pets.

ABC / Via abc.go.com

11. She taught us a better term for “air quotes.”

ABC / Via citytv.com

12. A different method of paying the delivery guy.

13. How to seek revenge.

14. Endless words of wisdom about what pregnancy is like.


16. Helping your child choose a profession.

ABC / Via buzzfeed.com

17. Being proud of where you’re from.

ABC / Via tumblr.com

18. Proper vocabulary.

ABC / Via tumblr.com

19. How to properly raise a son.

ABC / Via tumblr.com

20. If you ever have a question…..

ABC / Via fanforum.com

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