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20 Frustrations People With Oily Hair Know To Be True

Itchy, greasy, and clumpy. That's your hair situation in a nutshell.

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1. The more you wash it the more oily it seems to get.

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2. But if you don't wash it, it's horrible.

3. And if you don't wash it for long enough you can get dreadlocks in less than a week.

4. It always itches like crazy.

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5. And at times it even appears wet. / Via Paramount Pictures

6. Dry shampoo is your friend.

7. You can't help but touch it.

8. Which only makes it worse.

9. But if worst comes to worst you can attempt to use baby powder.

10. People tell you not to shampoo it, which sounds counterintuitive.

11. And you certainty can't brush the hell out of it.

Disney / Via

No 100 strokes for you. That just spreads the oils and makes it worse.

12. You somehow have oily hair and dry dandruff.

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13. Sweating amplifies its power.

Comedy Central / Via

14. You may even feel like you leave a lingering residue.

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15. Specialized shampoo for oily hair is just a fact of life.



16. But at times no matter what you do it always looks dirty.

17. Wearing a helmet or a hat does nothing to alleviate the problem.

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18. At times it's only workable when it's greasy.

19. And it can drive you crazy.

20. However, in spite of the issues you're always going to shine.


Sometimes literally.

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