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    20 Disney Characters That Would Be Perfect For Reality TV

    Who says fantasy can't be reality?

    1. Ariel, Hoarders.

    2. Ratatouille, Top Chef.

    3. Mulan, Fear Factor.

    4. Rapunzel, Shear Genius.

    5. Gaston, The Bachelor.

    6. Charlotte La Bouff, The Bachelorette.

    7. Lightning McQueen, Top Gear.

    8. Timon, Meerkat Manor.

    9. Tarzan, Naked and Afraid.

    10. Cruella de Vil, Project Runway.

    11. Pocahontas, America's Next Top Model.

    12. Scrooge McDuck, Shark Tank.

    13. Robin Hood, and.....

    14. Merida, Top Shot.

    15. Cinderella, Dancing With the Stars.

    16. Elsa, The Voice.

    17. Quasimodo, Wipe Out.

    18. Prince Adam, Extreme Makeover.

    19. Simba, Survivor.

    20. The Seven Dwarfs, Big Brother or The Real World.