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20 Disney Characters That Would Be Perfect For Reality TV

Who says fantasy can't be reality?

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1. Ariel, Hoarders.

Disney / Via

As collector of gadgets, gizmos, whozits, whatzits, and thingamabobs she is a shoo-in for Hoarders.

2. Ratatouille, Top Chef.

DIsney / Via

He's literally spent his entire life in a kitchen. A shoo-in to win any Top Chef challenge as long as the judges don't mind a rat in the kitchen.

3. Mulan, Fear Factor.


With all the stuff she goes through fear is not a factor for her.

4. Rapunzel, Shear Genius.

Disney / Via

This show is all about hair and style. No one has more experience dealing with a lot of hair than Rapunzel.

5. Gaston, The Bachelor.

Disney / Via

He's just a young man looking for love, and pretty similar personality wise to Juan Pablo.

6. Charlotte La Bouff, The Bachelorette.

DIsney / Via

This down South debutante deserves a debonaire match.

7. Lightning McQueen, Top Gear.

Disney / Via

He's a car and he hauls ass. Top gear is the only gear he knows.

8. Timon, Meerkat Manor.

Dinsey / Via

For obvious reasons.

9. Tarzan, Naked and Afraid.

Disney / Via

Not that much of a stretch from his current attire or living situation. He would also kick ass on Survivor. You can disrobe him, but it is doubtful he will be afraid.

10. Cruella de Vil, Project Runway.

Disney / Via

She would be the most divalicious judge ever! Everything about her screams high fashion to the point of a fault.

11. Pocahontas, America's Next Top Model.

Disney / Via

Because... DAMN!!

12. Scrooge McDuck, Shark Tank.

DInsey / Via

Is their anyone else with a bigger bank roll that can help finance the dreams of entrepreneurs?

13. Robin Hood, and.....

Disney / Via

14. Merida, Top Shot.

Disney / Via

Marksmanship is the name of their game.

15. Cinderella, Dancing With the Stars.

Disney / Via

She's already an expert in ballroom and waltz. Pair her up with a professional and she'll be a force to be reckoned with.

16. Elsa, The Voice.

Disney / Via

"Let It Go" is all the proof you need.

17. Quasimodo, Wipe Out.

Dinsey / Via

Jumping, climbing, sliding, and swinging through Notre Dame Cathedral will prepare him for any agility-based challenge Wipe Out can offer.

18. Prince Adam, Extreme Makeover.

Adam / Via

From a hairy, bulky brute to a well-manicured hunk. Few makeovers are this drastic.

19. Simba, Survivor.

Disney / Via -

As a cub he was forced out of his homeland to fend for himself. He can definitely outwit, outplay, and outlast any other contestant.

20. The Seven Dwarfs, Big Brother or The Real World.

Disney / Via

Seven guys live in a house together and agree to have their lives videotaped. When life stops being a fairytale and starts being real.

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