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    14 Disney Princes Who Are Just Like Some Of The Guys You've Dated

    In today's dating scene, who wouldn't want to go out with an actual prince?

    1. Aladdin ("Aladdin") - The guy from the wrong side of the tracks

    2. Prince Eric ("The Little Mermaid") - The hopeless romantic

    3. John Smith ("Pocahontas") - Trouble

    4. Quasimodo ("The Hunchback of Notre Dame) - The Friend

    5. Tarzan ("Tarzan") The Hippie

    6. Peter Pan ("Peter Pan") - The guy who never wants to grow up

    7. Li Shang (Mulan) - The Military Guy

    8. Prince Charming ("Cinderealla") - Mr. Perfect

    9. Prince Florian ("Snow White) - The Pretty Boy

    10. Gaston (Beauty and the Beast") - The arrogant jock

    11. Prince Naveen ("The Princess and The Frog") - The Playboy

    12. Simba ("The Lion King") - The one who is destined for greatness

    13. Kuzco ( "The Emperors New Groove") - The goofy guy

    14. Prince Adam ("Beauty and Beast") - The work in progress