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24 Questions Americans Have For The British

Besides driving on the opposite side of the road.

1. Why do you call cookies "biscuits"?

Better yet, what do you call America's version of biscuits?

2. Why would you eat something called spotted dick?

3. In fact, why are most of your food names sexual?

4. Why do your judges still wear powdered wigs?

5. Why do you call diapers "nappies"?

6. How many times do you need be reminded to mind the damn gap?

7. Why do you drink tea in literally every situation?

8. How on earth do you deal with the weather?

9. Why do you all strip down when you see the slightest bit of sun?

10. Why do you think Marmite tastes good?

11. Why do you have two taps instead of one?

12. What the hell is the deal with cricket?

13. Why do you lose your accents when you sing?

14. Speaking of accents, why do you all have SOOO many?

15. How come your headlines are on a whole different level?

16. Why are you all so stoic?

17. How many BBC channels do you have?

18. Why do you think men wearing dresses is the epitome of comedy?

19. What do you want to be called? Britain, Great Britain, England, the United Kingdom, or the U.K.?

20. How come you're so obsessed with the royal family?

21. Why do you pluralize "math"?

22. How is this a condiment?

23. Why do you call lines "queues"?

So the train's not even here yet and already the queue has begun.... #britishproblems

24. And finally, how come your cursing and slang is so much better than ours?