23 Struggles You Face When You’re Not A Morning Person

Good morning? No such thing.

1. You require no less than three alarms to wake up.

Only the fourth “GET THE F*** UP!” alarm is important.

2. At times harsh methods are required to wake you up.

Columbia Pictures / Via awkwardlifeisawesome.tumblr.com

3. You spent the first few minutes* of every morning in a zombie-like state.

*Actually the first few hours.

4. You fall asleep in the shower. Regularly.

5. You’ve actually passed out on the toilet.

6. As much as you may try, working out in the morning never seems to… work out.

7. You never wake up early enough to put yourself together, so that means bad hair…

Disney / Via youtube.com

8. Wrinkled shirts…

9. … And very questionable makeup.

10. You absolutely cannot get your day started without coffee.

Warner Bros. / Via surrogateself.tumblr.com

11. And you need waaaay more coffee than is normal to feel like a functioning human being.

Columbia Pictures / Via gifolas-cage.tumblr.com

12. Over time it has cost you a small fortune.

13. You constantly skip breakfast because you’re never up early enough to prepare it.

14. Which makes you a starving, hangry mess throughout the day.

15. You’ve dozed off on your morning commute, whether it’s in the car…

16. … Or on the subway.

17. And you’re constantly racing against the clock to get to work on time.

18. Growing up, you couldn’t manage to stay awake during your morning classes.

19. And as an adult you find yourself nodding off in morning meetings.

ABC / Via youtube.com

20. You’ve even had to catch yourself before your head slammed into a table.

NBC / Via youtube.com

21. The first few hours of work you’re in such a daze, you literally can’t do anything right.

22. You’ve had to hide the fact that you sleep before lunch.

23. You’re excessively sassy towards morning people, because you just don’t know how they do it.

If only daytime naps were still acceptable.

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