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    Volvo's New "LifePaint" Makes Cyclists Reflective At Night

    Bringing new life to night riders.

    Swedish carmaker Volvo just released a video of it's new product "LifePaint."

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    The product is aimed at making cyclists more visible when riding at night.

    Grey London / Via

    The paint is invisible in the day, but highly reflective when lights are shined on it at night.

    Grey London / Via

    At the beginning of the video, Volvo notes that 19,000 collisions involving cyclists happen in the U.K. each year alone.

    Grey London / Via

    Though designed for cyclists, in a statement, co-developer Grey London said in a statement that LifePaint "can be applied to any fabric  —  clothes, shoes, pushchairs, children's backpacks  —  even dog leads and collars."

    The "paint" — which lasts for about one week after application — also washes off and will not affect the color or surface of the chosen material, the agency said.

    Grey London worked in collaboration with Swedish startup Albedo100 and is one of a series of outcomes as part of Volvo's new product line-up. The developers also set up a website to direct consumers to outlets.

    Hopefully this invention will make night rides a little bit safer for cyclists.

    Grey London / Via

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