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17 Of The Worst Ways To Tip A Server

Compliments and funny notes are great, but they can't pay the rent.

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1. By leaving your two cents, or in this case, three.

Three cents can't even buy you four cents these days.

3. By desecrating the dollar.

They should've kept that money and used it for spelling lessons.

4. By showing "love" by tipping nothing.

How sweet of them!


5. By explaining their less-than-ideal financial situation.

If you can't afford to tip maybe going out to eat isn't a good idea.

6. By asking hard-hitting existential questions.

Questions are great, but textbooks aren't free.

7. By being just plain rude.

That's just not the way to go about it.

8. By giving a step-by-step numbered list as to why you didn't leave a good tip.

It probably would have been nicer to just leave nothing at all.


9. By leaving a quarter of a dollar.

Not a quarter, but an actual quarter of a dollar.

10. By paying with an I.O.U. note.

That's interesting, because you certainly can't pay the rent later.

11. By tipping with coupons.

When did this become a thing?

12. With actual pennies.

At least they used the correct version of "you're."


14. By leaving a middle school insult.

Being rude and cheap might be the greatest insult of all.

15. By leaving foreign currency.

Unless you're in Mexico, pesos can't pay for much.

17. And finally, with fake money....

Books, bills, rent, food, and gas all cost money. Save the jokes for the comedy club.

Most servers in the U.S. only make $2.13 an hour. Please tip accordingly.