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    This Man And A Baby Seal Surfing Together Is Absolutely Adorable

    It gets the official seal of approval.

    YouTuber Insolitevideo uploaded a GoPro video of surfer Matthew Stanley was catching some waves in the North Sea off the coast of England when suddenly a friendly seal decided to join him.

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    Matt is out surfing and takes a break, when suddenly a baby seal decides it's his turn to ride some waves.

    The little fella falls off, but with a little help from Matt hops back on and gets a quick surfing lesson.

    Apparently this is not a one time thing.

    The BBC talked to a Cornish Seal Sanctuary spokesperson who said, “We have surfboards here which the seals like to lie on... they can be very friendly, so something like this can happen even in the wild, but we would still advise people not to touch them."

    If only all surfing trips were this cute!

    Mathew Stanley / Via

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