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People Are Going Crazy Over The Viral "Belly Button Challenge"

People are making a huge deal about this challenge you can do at home.

A viral trend called the belly button challenge is quickly taking the internet by storm.

The challenge involves people wrapping an arm around their waist, and seeing if they can touch their belly button.

Two big factors in completing the challenge involve having a tiny waist and really flexible arms.

Users then upload the photos to social media to document their completions and failures.

The challenge started on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, and is quickly taking the internet by storm. Since Wednesday the challenge has generated over 130 million hits, and is the No. 1 trending topic on Weibo, according to the Daily Mail.

The challenge apparently originated from an unknown U.S. study that claims women who can complete it have good bodies, and those who can't need to lose weight.

However, this boy got the name "game terminator" after posting this photo.

He then later admitted the photo was faked with help from a friend. "I just wanted to prove that fat people can do it too!" the caption reads.

Chinese celebrities have gotten in on the challenge and received huge responses. Yang Mi, a Chinese actress with nearly 50 million followers on Weibo, got over 1 million reactions to this post:

Performer Oh Se Hun from the popular Chinese-South Korean boy band EXO posted this photo, getting over 340,000 reactions.

However, thinness isn't everything. This user who claims to weigh 88 pounds can't complete the challenge.

Very challenging indeed.