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    These Photos Perfectly Capture What It Feels Like To Be A Dad At A One Direction Concert

    A picture really is worth a thousand words. Photos by Angelina Castillo for the Nashville Scene.

    Photographer Angelina Castillo recently went to a One Direction Concert in Nashville. She decided to turn the camera on the dads in attendance. The results are too real for words.

    The photos capture a wide range of fatherly emotions, like confusion.

    Angelina Castillo / Via

    "What am I doing here? I'm not supposed to be here."

    Lack of excitement.

    Angelina Castillo / Via

    Maybe he's hiding it.


    Angelina Castillo / Via

    So over it.


    Angelina Castillo / Via

    "Why me? Why?"


    Angelina Castillo / Via

    "Please help."


    Angelina Castro / Via

    "Wait, you're telling me this show is three hours?"

    And of course this guy with the thousand-yard stare.

    Angelina Castillo / Via

    His eyes have seen too much.

    Well, at least their daughters or sons were excited.

    These dads really love their kids.