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This Couple's "Half & Half" Photos Help Them Share Their Lives In Spite Of Distance

"Half & Half" shows the similar lives a couple leads despite being a world apart.

This is 28-year-old Li Seok and 23-year-old Danbi Shin, artists from South Korea. They are engaged to be married, but right now, due to traveling for exhibits, they live in different cities; Danbi is in New York City, while Seok is in Seoul.

Although the couple are thousands of miles apart, they still lead very similar lives. Using themselves as inspiration, Shin and Seok started a photo collage project called "Half & Half" to document their lives apart.

Shin told BuzzFeed how it all came to be.

We started to plan on making something that can be done despite the long distance. So Li Seok presented an idea called the Half & Half project.

We were sad to be apart. I just wanted to embrace the romantic and normal moments as an ordinary couple, imagine eating cereal and watching taxis go by together.

On the project's Instagram page, Shin and Seok — who collectively go as ShinLiArt — say it ended up being a way to bond and create things together even while being far apart.

The couple share common experiences while documenting the difference in lifestyles and cultures of Seoul and New York.

The photos are taken simultaneously despite that 14-hour time difference.

Together, they are careful to make sure the photos are positioned just right to ensure accuracy and symmetry.

They also make it a point to find similar scenes in totally different environments.

The effort makes for a creative way to share in each other's lives while being apart.

Shin went on to say that the photos have hit a chord with people: "I think many people felt sympathy with our long-distance relationship. We received a lot of messages cheering for us and news articles have been made from all over the world.

Love and art, apparently, know no boundaries.

To see more work from ShinLiArt, be sure to check out their website and Facebook and Instagram pages.