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    This Adorable Rottweiler Has Defied The Odds And Walks With Four Prosthetic Limbs

    After his former owner tried to amputate all four of his paws, Brutus has a new lease on life by becoming the second dog to have four prosthetic limbs.

    This is Brutus, a Rottweiler who's had a hell of a life.

    Facebook: betterpawsforbrutus

    When he was just a puppy, Brutus's breeder left him outside in freezing temperatures, causing him to get frostbite on all four paws.

    In an attempt to save them, his owner attempted an amateur amputation at home, according to Colorado State University.

    The procedure left him with stumps, unable to walk normally, and in constant pain. Laura Aquilina, a pet rescuer from Canyon City, Colorado, decided to foster Brutus and help him find some new paws.

    She started a GoFundMe Page to raise money so that Brutus could get prosthetic limbs to walk pain-free.

    The page overfunded her goal, raising $12,500 to cover the costs of further surgeries, prosthetics, and physical therapy.

    His surgery took place at James L. Voss Teaching Hospital at Colorado State University, where Dr. Trent Gall removed bone fragments, dew claws, and two toes left from his previous amputations.

    The surgery was a success, and with physical therapy Brutus is learning how to adjust to life with his new paws.

    Brutus' rehabilitation is a breakthrough as he is only the second dog to walk on four prosthetic limbs.

    John Eisele / Via Facebook: betterpawsforbrutus

    “When you improve the quality of life for a dog, you improve the quality life for the entire family," Sasha Foster, his rehabilitation specialist, told USA Today.

    Foster's treatments for Brutus include "underwater treadmill therapy, balance activities, exercise balls and other neuro re-education therapies to help him adjust to his new limbs."

    Although he will likely need physical therapy for the rest of his life, Brutus has a dedicated team of people to help him through the process.

    That's a good boy!

    John Eisele

    Watch more on Brutus here:

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