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    21 Struggles People With Back Pain Know To Be True

    My neck, my back.

    1. You're on a first name basis with your chiropractor.

    2. You know what good posture is, but can't make yourself use it regularly.

    3. Heated back pads are a lifesaver.

    4. The icy-warm of tingle of pain cream is such a relief...

    5. ... But you can't stand the way it smells.

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    6. Your medicine cabinet is like a who's who of painkillers and muscle relaxers.

    7. And you've gone on a "trip" or gotten queasy when you've taken them on an empty stomach.

    8. Kinesio tape has become an art form to you, but damn if it doesn't itch after a couple of days.

    9. Electrotherapy makes you look and feel like a cyborg.

    10. You have found out the hard way that massages can be anything but relaxing.

    11. You've had a head rush from spinal decompression exercises.

    12. After a while you can pretty much read your own x-ray.

    13. You've tried every type of stretch.

    14. You've even tried less traditional methods to get more flexible.

    15. Over time you've learned to embrace your back brace.

    16. MRI machines always make you feel claustrophobic.

    17. You know firsthand that the hardest part about falling down is getting back up.

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    18. You even tried alternative treatments, in spite of how painful they look.

    19. You get strange looks at work when sitting in a pain-free position.

    20. You wouldn't even dream of picking up something heavy off the ground.

    21. After icing your back daily, an ice bucket challenge looks like child's play.

    So while the pain may get you down...

    ... It's nothing you can't handle.

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