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31 Things Latinos Who Grew Up In Texas Know To Be True

It's so much more than just cowboys and brisket.

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2. Nothing complimented barbacoa better than a Big Red.

3. Wacthing Don Francisco on Sábado Gigante was how you spent a good portion of your Saturday.

5. Easter meant dozens upon dozens of cascarones...

6. ...And at least three showers to get all the confetti out of your hair.

8. When Fiesta rolled around you already had your outfit planned out weeks in advance.

9. Whether it was to visit family, shop, or have some drinks going to "el otro lado" was a regular occurrence.

10. At least one person in your family was a die hard Cowboys fan.

And of course someone else was a Los Spurs fanatic.

14. Raspas were your versions of ICEEs.

She may be gone but never forgotten.

17. You always suspected the Ford Lobo was a little bit better than the F-150.

19. To you there is no better smell then a mixed fajita skillet.

20. At some point in your life someone has hired a band to play "Las Mañanitas" outside your mom's window on Mother's Day.

22. At least one person in your friend group uses güey in every single sentence.

"Que estas haciendo güey?"

23. Forget the ice cream man. El Paletero was your summertime savior.

24. Breakfast for you wasn't pancakes and eggs, but amazing gas station tacos.

25. Preparadas were one of the many creative ways to incorporate twice the amount of sweetness into your alcohol.

27. It wasn't a kid's birthday party unless it had a customized piñata.

And the second it broke shit got real.

30. Football was always your favorite sport, and you started playing at an early age.

I mean, it is Texas after all.

31. You have mad love for border towns.

But think the border wall is a bit of an eyesore.

So while cowboys and ranchers are a part of the Texas mystique...

Vaqueros and rancheros are a part of the Tejas mystique as well.

When it comes down to it we all love the Lone Star State.