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These Illustrations Capture The Joy Of Living Alone

One is not the loneliest number.

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Candelas told BuzzFeed about the inspiration behind the project.


"This project is me trying to communicate my idea of loneliness. It was derived from the time I lived alone. The thing I want to convey is the fact that living alone is not bad; it can be enjoyable."

Candelas described the process to BuzzFeed. "First, I make a small script of the whole concept [and] after that work up the sketches. My technique is pencil, ink, and watercolor. I also do them in black and white to bring a little melancholy."

After the project was featured by prominent Mexican media outlets, Candelas said she received positive responses from all over the world. "I am excited but very grateful. Now I feel the responsibility to strive more in my work."


Candelas went on to reiterate the message she is trying to convey through her art.

"The intention of Solo is for people to see women living everyday moments where they are alone and enjoy it, showing that they do not suffer or cry. The best way to understand it is loving oneself, and learning to enjoy your own company."