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22 Things People Who Are Chronically Early Will Totally Understand

"I'm not always there when you call, but I'm always on time." Well ahead of time actually.

1. You arrive to movies so early that the theater is almost always empty.

2. You have to fight the temptation to repeatedly text friends when you arrive somewhere before them.

3. So you end up lying to your chronically late friends so they’ll ACTUALLY show up on time.

4. You get to job interviews 45 minutes ahead of time and just sit in the car because you don't want to arrive too early.

5. You routinely call your boss to tell them you might be late and you show up early anyway.

6. You get frustrated with people who take forever to get ready because they can potentially make you late as well.

7. And nothing makes you more anxious than having an S.O. who’s chronically late.

8. When you get to restaurants before everyone else, you act like you're busy on your phone.

9. And when you're waiting, every minute feels like an eternity.

10. Then you lie when the rest of your party arrives and asks you, "How long have you been waiting for?"

11. You set all your clocks and watches ahead on purpose to ensure that your whole life is ahead of schedule.

12. You sometimes annoy people when you say you're coming over because they're not ready for you.

13. You automatically connect with other people who are as punctual as you are.

14. Since you're ALWAYS early, you make the people around you more punctual.

15. You obsessively map out your routes to ensure you're never late to anything.

16. You get to places so early that you walk around for a little bit so it makes it seem like when you walked in you just arrived.

17. Stress dreams usually consist of you not showing up somewhere on time.

18. You always tell yourself, "If they don’t show up at this time, then I’m leaving." But you never do.

19. You have a couple of people you call when you're ~waiting around~ for your late friends.

20. You feel sooo bad when you arrive “on time,” because to you that means you’re tardy.

21. And you completely lose your shit when you actually show up to something late.

22. Because of course you live and die by the mantra "If you're on time YOU'RE LATE!"