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    Somebody Made Rachel's Gross Thanksgiving Trifle From "Friends"

    The one where everyone lost their appetite.

    Most Friends fans are familiar with Rachel's trifle from "The One Where Ross Gets High" Thanksgiving episode.

    Warner Bros.

    Well Twitter user Neil K!illham decided to make the dish himself. The recipe consists of jam, custard, raspberries, lady fingers, bananas, whipped cream, and lamb, peas, and onions.

    It's finally time. I am making The Trifle Out Of Friends.

    The final product looked decent in a bowl...

    ... but not as appetizing when served.

    That's what trifle looks like, right?

    Apparently it tasted as good as it looked.

    Brought lamb trifle into work to share. One taker so far. @kenbonio did not have a good time.

    Neil definitely isn't the first person to attempt this dish.

    Leftovers! Who wants? #TheTrifleOutOfFriends

    But based on Ross' kind words hopefully he'll be the last.

    Warner Bros.

    BuzzFeed has reached out to Neil for comment on his trifle creation

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