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28 Reasons Whataburger Is Actually Heaven On Earth

Paradise isn't too far.

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1. Because they provide an endless source of amazing mouthgasms...

Don't lie, your mouth is probably watering just looking at this.

2. ... Yet are still conscious of the environment in the process.

Don't mess with Texas, or any other state for that matter.

3. They always put lots of love into everything they do.

4. Because the nights you'll never forget usually end there.

Such a sweet sight to wake up to.


5. Because the ketchup is fit for royalty...

6. ... And the spicy version is nothing short of spectacular.

7. Not to mention all of earth's creatures are welcomed.

Creatures with two or four legs are accepted not to mention there is plenty of horse parking.


9. Because they have enough foresight to bring all of their cherished goodness to the masses.

::: heavy breathing :::

10. Their food is so good even pop royalty from across the pond isn't immune to it's magnetic appeal.

Would you like sliced jalapeños with your order, Mr. Styles?

11. Because their flagship "Whataburger by the Bay" store is truly a sight to behold.

The beauty, the glory, the majesty.

12. Because the order numbers serve as great collector items.

And most people that frequent Whataburger have at least one.


13. It's a place where love actually happens.

An Austin couple loved Whataburger so much that they decided to have a Whataburger themed wedding.

16. No matter how outlandish...

17. ... Or how picky you like your food.

21. Because nobody does breakfast better than they do.

Taquitos, B.O.B.s, and cinnamon rolls OH MY!

22. And once you're hooked there is no turning back.

Give in to the addiction.

24. And their food has inspired beautiful drive-thru music.

View this video on YouTube

25. Because it has always been synonymous with local culture.

Whether it's a parade, football game, or rodeo, Whataburger will probably be there.

27. No matter what the person's age is.

He said yes!