27 Struggles Anyone In A Long-Distance Relationship Will Understand

    It isn't easy but it isn't impossible.

    1. You've had to schedule your convos across many different time zones.

    2. So you either have to talk very early...

    3. ... Or super late.

    4. Either way you don't get much sleep.

    5. Planning around holidays can be tricky.

    6. You have to arrange trips to see each other weeks, or even months in advance.

    7. And you have the best route already mapped out and memorized.

    8. You literally have a countdown until the next time you see each other.

    9. You've had that overwhelming sense of FOMO when you see them checking in places and you can't be there.

    10. You're not above sending sappy text messages, because you know you can't say those kind of things in person.

    11. You've struggled to find good Wi-Fi for Facetime.

    12. And Skype ALWAYS seems to freeze at some point.

    13. You've freaked at how high your phone bill is from all the text and data usage.

    14. You've accepted that you can't celebrate every milestone together.

    15. Which means you know how much it sucks having to miss birthdays.

    16. And anniversaries.

    17. You’ve felt guilty when you’ve received a care package and haven’t sent one in return.

    18. A huge part of your budget goes to plane tickets or gas.

    19. Which means you're broke most of the time.

    20. You feel like a third wheel when you go out with a couple even though you're technically in a relationship.

    21. The lack of physical contact has led to some severe levels of thirst.

    22. Pictures of plane tickets...

    23. And dashboards...

    Both make you super anxious, 'cause you're that much closer to seeing your bae.

    24. Since you can't see each other, you've had to get creative with your romantic gestures.

    25. You've even gotten hand cramps from trying to bring back the lost art of writing a love letter.

    26. It sucks that you can't spend every "waking" moment with them.

    27. And of course saying good-bye is the absolute worst.

    So although you may miss your boo constantly...

    ... You know it will work out in the end, and distance won't change that.