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If You've Bought A StarKist Tuna In The Last Six Years They Probably Owe You Some Cash

StarKist has settled a lawsuit that claimed the company had underfilled tuna cans, and will pay affected customers back in either cash or more fish.

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StarKist Tuna has just settled a lawsuit that alleges the company intentionally underfilled its 5-ounce cans of tuna. According to the settlement, affected customers are now entitled to $25 in cash or $50 in tuna products.

According to the lawsuit, the weight of the tuna in the cans fell below the federally mandated minimum averages of 2.84 to 3.23 ounces of tuna per 5-ounce can. The cans, on average, allegedly only contained a few tenths of an ounce less than required.

The expected payout will end up costing StarKist an estimated $12 million.

The settlement applies to anyone who has bought one or more 5-ounce cans of tuna from Feb. 19, 2009, through Oct. 31, 2014. The products affected by the settlement include:

Chunk Light Tuna in Water

Chunk Light Tuna in Oil

Solid White Tuna in Water

Solid White Tuna in Oil

According to Consumerist, as with most similar cases, StarKist is asking consumers to pledge on penalty of perjury when they file a claim that they have actually purchased the tuna in the time frame specified in the lawsuit.

Those who've purchased the affected products within the specified time frame can file a claim at