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    23 Realizations You Have When You Move From A Small Town To A Big City

    You certainly aren't in Kansas anymore.

    1. Not everyone knows everyone else.

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    Which means you don't have to say a thousand "hellos" whenever you're in public.

    2. It's quite possible that your new neighborhood will have more people than your entire hometown.

    3. There are more important things than what high school you went to.

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    4. You don't care about gossip as much as you used to.

    5. There are more eating options available than Dairy Queen.

    6. It's not cool to wear your letterman after high school.

    7. You'll no longer share the road with farm vehicles.

    8. Unlike a small town you realize that in a city you will never be able to drive anywhere in five minutes.

    9. Unlike your hometown, finding a place to live is complicated and scary.

    10. You never really know what quiet is again.

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    Between fire trucks, garbage pickup, loud neighbors, and barking dogs, you'll never know true silence again.

    11. Traffic is way worse than you ever imagined.

    12. You won't have to drive two cities over to catch a movie.

    13. There are actually bigger teams than your high school sports team.

    Waaay bigger.

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    14. Not everything closes at 9 p.m.

    15. You'll find out that wide open space is in short supply.

    16. You'll actually have to seek out nature instead of finding it in your backyard.

    17. There is no longer just one of everything.

    18. All the exciting new things you have access to come at a price. A large price.

    19. Public transportation will both annoy and amaze you.

    20. Although mudding is fun, you'll realize that the city has more to offer for entertainment.

    A lot more.

    21. Eventually, you'll have to cycle camo out of your wardrobe.

    22. Finding parking will become an acquired skill.

    23. And for the first time in your life you'll have to learn how to parallel park.

    So while living in a big city may be new and exciting.

    You will always appreciate your small town roots.

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