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People Are Going Nuts Making Reaction Gifs Of Kocoum From "Pocahontas"

A Kocoum for every situation

Over the weekend users of the popular photo sharing site Imgur have been going to town making Kocoum reaction gifs.

The original gif comes from a scene in Disney’s Pocahontas, where Kocoum sees Pocahontas and John Smith kissing and frantically rushes to tackle him.

Starting on Wednesday, users of the site have been making reaction gifs involving Kocoum in hilarious situations.

Like when the sand is too hot at the beach.

Or that fear you experience when you are rushing to throw away the trash at night.

When your night out at the club is getting too out of hand.

"Seeing way too many colors of the wind right now."

Or that feeling when you're stealing an ancient relic ala Indiana Jones style.

The reactions are varied as they are funny.

Kocoum is all the rage right now.

Everyday I'm Kococuming!

Never change Imgur.