26 Things You Will Only See In Los Angeles

“Does this place have valet for bikes?”

1. A 24-hour taco delivery service.

2. Having this valet option.

3. Tropical cellphone towers.

4. This high-class towing scene.

5. Clothing optional cleaning services.

6. This entire situation.

7. Specialty parking spaces.

8. Pampered iguanas.

"Fifteen minutes can save you 15% or more on your car insurance" Met some lizards chillin on some couches.#onlyinLA

— Ashley Zhang (@ashleyczhang)

9. These killer “deals.”

10. Mannequins with “generous” proportions.

11. Chronically red traffic maps.

You’re not going anywhere.

12. This easy rider.

13. Stormtroopers hiking in Runyon Canyon.


14. A Mercedes Benz as a learner’s vehicle.

15. Suggestive billborts.

16. Acting jobs for any animal body type.

17. Cryptic parking signs.

18. Sweet, classic rides.

19. This unique exercise option.

20. A clever alternative to Redbox.

Don’t forget the free wi-fi.

21. This unique institution of higher learning.

22. A “murdered out” Prius with family stickers on the back.

23. The leafiest map you’ll ever see.

24. Canine go-go dancers.

25. Angelyne.

26. And of course, this inspirational graffiti.

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