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23 Problems Every Only Child Will Understand

One is the loneliest number.

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8. So you totally suck at babysitting.

13. As a child you didn't really "play" well with others.

14. Holidays with your immediate family consist of three people or fewer.

15. And there are certain holidays you just can't celebrate.

16. You had an imaginary buddy.

Happy national sibling day! Oh wait.... #onlychildprobs #umm #lonely


Happy national sibling day!
Oh wait....
#onlychildprobs #umm #lonely

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18. And you are always attempting to bribe them to come over with promises of pizza.

20. Your parents' house is a creepy shrine to your personal achievements.

OK, maybe you were a little spoiled.

So, even though being an only child was lonely at times... least you were always the favorite.

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