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    No, There Is Not A Brazilian Town Full Of Women Seeking Single Men

    Sorry boys.

    Many major publications have picked up on the story of the small Brazilian town of Noiva Do Cordeiro. The village supposedly had a shortage of available men and was looking to fill its ranks with young bachelors.

    According to the BBC, the story began when an international reporter misunderstood a woman in the community and subsequently presented her comments out of context.

    Apparently the town is rural, communal, and almost all-female. It was said to have 600 single women and were looking for men between the ages of 20-25. It also didn't help that the pictures feature only women in a rural setting, and at a costume party.

    I'm in Brazil in this village, where nearly all residents are women. Am I their answer? Find out in tmrw's @Telegraph

    Upon further investigation, BBC Brazil determined that the town was not a real life Amazon tribe hungry for men.

    Noiva Do Cordeiro resident Rosalee Belies Fernandes, who allegedly was the person who said they needed bachelors, claimed that their was no such campaign and the situation is "absurd."