This Video Of Mike Tyson’s New Animated Show Will Give You A Reason To Watch TV

The voices are reason enough.

1. At this year’s Comic-Con, Cartoon Network released a preview of its upcoming Fall show “Mike Tyson Mysteries”, to be featured on Adult Swim.

2. It contains Norm McDonald voicing a hard-drinking pigeon.

Warner Bros. Animation /

Warner Bros. Animation /


3. A ghostly sidekick.

Warner Bros. Animation / Via

Voiced by James Rash from “Community.”

4. An adopted Korean daughter.

Warner Bros. Animation / Via

5. And of course plenty of fisticuffs.

Warner Bros. Animation /

Warner Bros. Animation /

Warner Bros. Animation /


6. Iron Mike definitely approves.

Etan Miller / Getty

Oh, and he also does the voiceover for his own character.

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