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You Can Now Buy A Working, Adult-Sized Little Tikes Car

For the "Little Tike" in all of us.

Remember the joy of zipping through your driveway and neighborhood with your foot-powered Little Tikes car as a kid?

Little Tikes / Via

Well that joy doesn't have to be limited to your younger years, as two brothers in the U.K. have invented an adult-size, roadworthy version of the kids toy.

English mechanic John Bitmead and his brother, Geof, first invented the "Big Tikes" vehicle in 2013. According to the BBC the car took 1,000 hours to make and cost them around $6,000.

It has many of the standard features of a regular car while modeling the classic Little Tikes look, and to top it off this bad boy has a top speed of 70 mph.

BBC / Via

The best part is the vehicle is now for sale on eBay, and can buy yours for £21,500 or around $33,000.

BBC / Via

The car has 5,000 miles and was originally valued at $46,000.

One lucky owner will never have to grow up.

Little Tikes

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