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42 Reasons Living In Austin Ruins You For Life

Welcome to Austin! Please don't move here.

1. Because the views from the 360 Bridge are breathtaking.

2. Because what starts here changes the world.

3. Because few things can compare to the pageantry, excitement, and storied tradition that is Longhorn football.

4. HOOK 'EM!

5. Because few streets can compare to the glory that is 6th.

6. Because few places are better to spend a lovely afternoon than atop Mount Bonnell.

7. And you don't have to travel too far to experience the breathtaking beauty that is Hamilton Pool.

8. Because Marley Fest always reminds you love is the most powerful force in the world.

9. This is your view when you go out for a run.

10. It's where you can enjoy the lake in the shadow of a blues music legend.

11. Because where else are you going to have a literal oasis in your backyard?

12. Because its food trailers are in a league of their own.

13. And the vehicles are as eclectic as the city's residents.

14. Because the music festivals it hosts are top-notch.

ACL and the world-renowned SXSW.

15. Because the state capital is truly a work of art.

16. And it's the biggest and baddest in the U.S.!

17. Because the Tex-Mex food is nothing short of spectacular.

18. And the BBQ is world-class.

19. Not to mention the breakfast tacos are almost too good for words.

20. It's a place where sunset means being able to witness one of nature's greatest phenomena.

21. Because bikes of all kinds are always welcomed.

22. Because the live music venues are both numerous and iconic.

23. Because Zilker Park is THE place to be.

24. And Trail of Lights is the perfect and free way to celebrate the holidays.

25. You don't have to travel far to witness top-level racing — just head to Circuit of the Americas.

26. Because Krause Springs is the best and most beautiful place to cool off.

27. Because the sunsets on Lake Travis look like this.

28. Because Spider House Cafe is a legendary laid-back place to enjoy a drink and meal with friends.

29. Because it's a city that stays true to its roots, and its rich history.

Austin is home to the Texas State History Museum and historical sites such as Woodlawn and the Driskill Hotel.

30. Because Toy Joy brings out your inner child.

31. It's a place where you never know just where you might experience incredible live music.

32. Because nothing beats a free concert under the warm glow of the Texas summer sky.

33. Because when you walk your dog on Red Bud Isle, this is the view.

34. Because few things take you back like a slice from Home Slice Pizza.

35. Because it's a city where creativity can literally be found anywhere.

36. And it's one of the few places where graffiti isn't looked at as a nuisance...

37. ...but actual art.

38. Because where else are you going to find shops like the ones you find on South Congress?

39. Oh, and its famous residents are truly one of a kind.

R.I.P. Leslie.

40. Because you haven't had a true moviegoing experience until you've been to an Alamo Drafthouse.

41. And few things are comparable to an epic performance at Long Center.

42. And most important of all, once you live there, you'll realize heaven isn't too far away.