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24 Things People With Big Familes Know To Be True

Size matters.

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1. You have literally more first cousins than you can keep track of.

2. And it's impossible to remember everybody's name.

3. And when your cousins start having babies, the name game only becomes more difficult.

4. For holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving it takes a virtual buffet to feed everyone.

5. And if you're in the youngest generation, you sit at the "kids table" no matter HOW old you really are.

Some things will never change.

6. If you live in a small town, running into non-family-members in public means they'll ask you, "Who do you belong to?" since there are so many of you...

20th Century Fox

"Oh, I'm actually Mary's kid."

7. ...and if you're interested in someone, you have to ask your mom about them first to make sure you're not related.


8. Whenever you go on family road trips, you are packed into a vehicle like a clown car.

Laps and the trunk areas are also used as seats.

9. And those car trips sometimes quickly turn chaotic.

11 people + 1 vehicle = CHAOS

10. Taking a group pic is almost impossible because there are so many of you.

Better switch to panoramic mode.

11. And most of the time those pictures never turn out as planned.

12. When everyone gets together at a family function, there is bound to be an argument or fight.


Whether it's potato salad or what type of music to play, someone is bound to disagree.

13. When everyone is in one room it gets as loud as a rock concert, so it's impossible to get a word in.

Apatow Productions

Try talking in a house full of 30 people.

14. You never had a shortage of people to attend your birthday party.

Cousins, on cousins, on cousins.

15. You're always discovering new people you didn't even know you were related to.


Oh, he's my cousin twice removed on my father's side.

16. It always takes half an hour to say good-bye to everybody when you're leaving any family event.


Between two grandparents, eight aunts and uncles, and 36 cousins, things are going to take a while.

17. Getting food in public always ruffles some feathers, because it takes 15 minutes just to place your order.

18. When the whole family gets together, everything has to be purchased in bulk.

Sam's Club and Costco will be your best friends.

19. Sleepovers with your cousins become full-blown slumber parties.

Sharing a bed takes on a whole new meaning.

20. Christmas means a ton of stockings, and it's impossible to buy gifts for everyone.

Unless you want to go broke.

21. Your calendar is always dotted with bar mitzvahs, graduations, and birthday parties.

Prepare for lots of pictures, cake, and awkward convos with your Uncle Lou.

22. Older relatives always get you and your cousins confused.

23. And at weddings at least three pews are needed just for the cousins.

24. But when it comes down to it, the bigger the family, the more people you have that love you.


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