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These Are All The "Find The Panda" Pics That Have People Losing Their Shit

Bear with us.

A few weeks ago, illustrator Gergely Dudás posted this picture and asked people to find a panda in the group of snowmen. Sounds easy enough, right?

Well, what was easy for some wasn't easy for others. Many people drove themselves crazy looking for the camouflaged panda.

As the photo began to go viral, it spawned a series of copycat photos that are now spreading throughout the web. It's like the new Where's Waldo!

The photos have collectively been shared thousands of times, and have been the source of both bragging rights and frustration.

One copycat asked people to find a panda in a group of death metal enthusiasts.

Another featured a panda lost in the midst of this Star Wars drawing.

And the most difficult one of all has people trying to find a panda somewhere in this vintage yearbook photo.

This one is really hard to find.

In short, the past few weeks have truly been PANDAmonium!

Do you really want the cures to this pandering pandemic of pandas?

Here you go.

Did you find this one?

What about this one?

Hopefully that PANned out well.