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23 Stunning South Asian Men That Are Too Gorgeous For Words

No matter what time of year it is, these men are bound to make it hot.

1. Hrithik Roshan, who looks utterly amazing in both a suit and, of course, shirtless.

Gustavo Caballero / Getty

2. Vidyut Jamwal, the Bollywood action star who is both stately and stylish.

That jawline, those eyes, those abs!

3. Former footballer Prathamesh Maulingkar, who is a bearded beau we would love to know.

4. The perpetually smooth Sendhil Ramamurthy.

Andrew H. Walker / Getty

You are the man of our dreams.

5. The god that is Arjun Rampal.

Men's Health

Can we wash our clothes on your abs?

6. Amir Kahn, who is the definition of a knockout.

Facebook: AmirKingkhanPage, John Gurzinski / AFP / Getty Images

7. Cricketer Abass Jaffery, who looks great both tatted and tailored.

Calvin Klein, Facebook: TheOfficialAbbasJaffery / Via Facebook: pg

What can't he do?

8. The alluring aesthetics of Paing Takhon.

Oh my.

9. Dipak Singh Chhikara, who has looks that can kill.

Instagram: thatsme.deepaksinghchhikara, Shamayim

10. Asif Azim, with cheek bones could cut glass.


Can you believe?

11. Ranveer Singh, who can stare through your soul.

Men's Health, Stringer / AFP / Getty Images

Hot damn.

12. Farhad Shahnawaz, who looks like he was sculpted out of stone.

13. Iftekhar Zaib, a dashing dapper dandy.

Abir Hossain Noman

Look at that mane.

14. Karan Wahi, a true adonis.

Hot damn!

15. Lee Matthew Keegal, who can score whenever he wants.

Instagram: islander_matt

Did someone say rugby player?

16. Pandula Basnayake, who can cure what ails us anytime.

Instagram: pandulabasnayake

I guess it's time for a physical.

17. Jan Uddin, and his long luscious locks.

So divine, so fine.

18. Prabh Uppal, who is equal parts dapper and fine.

The Right Mind / Via, Instagram: prabhuppal

19. Sahil Jakar, with his infectious smile.

20. The amazing physical specimen that is John Abraham.

GQ, Men's Health

Oh la la.

21. Model Vishal Ra, who thankfully is allergic to shirts.

22. Nibir Adnan Nahid, who is both sultry and seductive.

Piyan Photography

We're trying to remember that smoking is bad for us.

23. The definition of a perfect 10 that is Nitin Chauhan.

Thirsty yet?

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